Bolivia is an Andean country which means that the Andes mountain range crosses the country from north to south.

In Bolivian territory the mountain range is divided into several ranges such as the Cordillera Real and the Cordillera Volcanica, others we can mention are the mountain ranges of Frailes, Apolobamba, 3 cruces.

Within these mountain ranges we could find 12 mountains that surpass 6000 mts of height (19,600ft), we will see each one.

Sajama 6542mts (21,463 ft)

The Sajama is a strato volcano, located in the Sajama National Park near the border with Chile, it is the highest mountain in Bolivia, near this majestic snow-capped mountain there are hot springs indicating that the volcano is still active.

Illimani 6462 mts  (21,200 ft)

Illimani is the guardian of the city of La Paz no matter where you are you can see the imposing Illimani.

Janckohuma 6427 mts (21,085 ft)

The name means “white water” and it is located to the north of the Cordillera Real. Together with other peaks it forms the massif “Illampu”.

 Illampu 6360 mts (20,866 ft)

The Illampu is a peak to the north of Janckouma in the massif of the same name which comes from “Illapa” which means thunder.

Parinacota Volcano 6348 mts  (20,826 ft)

Also located in the Sajama National Park on the border between Bolivia and Chile, it is a strato volcano very similar to Mount Fuji.

Pomerape Volcano 6282 mts (20,610 ft)

It is located next to Parinacota and belongs to the same volcano system as Sajama, like Parinacota it is on the border with Chile, a characteristic of this area as well as its mountains is the wind and the formation of “Penitentes” which we will explain in the following publications.

Chearoco 6127mts (20,101 ft)

One of the least climbed mountains of the Cordillera Real, it is located next to the Chachacomani, an imposing massif.

Huayna potosí 6088mts  (19,973 ft)

The most climbed mountain of the Cordillera Real, due to its proximity to the city of La Paz, which allows for easier logistics and better risk management.

Chachacomani 6074mts  (19,927 ft)

If you want to climb in a mountain where you won’t find any other climbers Chachacomani and Chearoco are a good option, the name comes from a plant called “Chachacoma”, the surrounding valleys are still wild so you can see wildlife such as the Andean deer known as “Taruca”.

Acotango Volcano 6052mts  (19,855 ft)

It is part of the same system as the Sajama and Parinacota and is also on the border between Bolivia and Chile but is not in the national park, it is a sulphur mine so there is a road to a good height and it is not a technical mountain, sometimes without snow or ice, ideal to start with the six thousand.