If you want to have one of our experiences, you’ll find out our journeys are not as expensive as other travel agencies. Maybe the first thing you could thing is the ”equivalence quality – price” but it’s not the case here, the fact is we can offer you a very good quality service without necessarily being expensive because we don’t work with a middleman , we believe to have direct contact with you is essential ,that’s the only way to give you the correct information.

Several times as a guide in other agencies a recurring problem arose, the description of the programme differed a lot between the agency selling either in Europe or America with the programme in Bolivia, to the point that a couple of times the clients felt surprised by the hotel locations or an unrealistic description of what is seen in Bolivia, In the best of cases the client felt an upgrade from the original description they were sold in their country but in most cases it was a substantial change, such as a 4 kilometre walk to the hotel when the client cannot walk or at least was not sold a non-optional walk.

The problem is that some travel agents of some agencies in Europe or America do not know the route they are selling and sell it as such.

Because of this problem we decided to have the option to offer our journeys directly to the public, as we have the information first hand and because I (the author of the posts) personally go on regular surveys (trekking or mountain routes change due to conditions, bridges collapse due to floods in cloud forests for example) these changes should be foreseen as part of the risk management of each group and it is something the client should know about, Ask a Bolivian what their reality is like, and that is what we offer, a safe experience, we make sure that every detail of the trip is under control at all times, Latin America is a place where things are unpredictable and keeping things under control is a responsibility that we take very seriously.