The majestic Huayna Potosi, one of the guardians of the city of La Paz, with its summit at 6088mts (19,973 ft) attracts mountaineers from around the world, you can’t say you’ve lived until you’ve climbed and reached its summit.


When the sun rises at dawn it is something spectacular and unique, because as well as seeing the first rays of the sun, you see the blanket of clouds of the warm Bolivian forests, as if you could touch them with your hands.

All the effort will have been worth it when you see the breathtaking view from its summit but we won’t tell you about it, you must see for yourself and check out this magic.


The advantage of this snowy peak is its proximity to the city of La Paz, which makes the logistics a little easier, and there are shelters at base camp and high camp, which reduces the number of things you need to bring with you.



Climbing Huayna Potosi involves at least 3 days (doing it in less is risky because of the rapid altitude gain) and are as follows:


Day 1 – Departure from La Paz, arrival at base camp and practice on the old glacier, this allows the guide to see your experience and teach you how to use the equipment before the climb as well as acclimatization.


Day 2 – Hike to high camp.


Day 3 – Ascent to the summit by the normal route, descent and return to La Paz.


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