La Paz airport is one of the highest airports in the world (4100mts), and we are very proud of it, although that makes your flight a little challenging but trust us, it worth it, Bolivia is a magical and authentic destination, There are a few different ways to alleviate the potential side-effects of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), also known as Sorojchi, during your trip, and we’d like to share some, so here are 5 tips you would like to consider to avoid altitude sickness.


Eating lightly before and upon arrival and resting also minimize the effects of altitude, which can include headaches, shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea or loss of appetite. (all those symptoms are normal the first 72 hours after your arrival)


A good idea is to is to beggin your journey at a low altitude city like Sucre the Bolivia’s capital (2796mts)  and from there to La Paz (3600mts). If your arriving to La Paz, don’t do any exercice just relax in your hotel and walk just what is the necessary, that will help you also with the Jet Lag.


 Diamox can help when it is taken a couple of days prior to ascending and a couple of days once at altitude. (Diamox is not a magical pill but it will help you)


Once you are in Bolivia, a natural remedy is coca tea, which is helpful during your stay at high altitude, especially if it is made from real coca leaves, coca tea helps to stimulate the central nervous system a little, which gives us more energy, which is why it has been widely consumed in the Andes since ancient times.


You should also drink plenty of water before your flight to high altitude and during your stay, that’s really important, 2 lts per day is enough, even if you aren’t thirsty, better if drink water with electrolites.

So that’s it there’s more good tips to come,  there’s a lot of advises for you to enjoy your travel to this wonderful country.